Advisory services

Due Diligence

​Usually required by investors during fundraising, the due diligence is a financial audit of your company.

When we do a due diligence, we have three mains goals:

  • Determine the fair value of the entity,
  • Evaluate potential investment opportunities, and
  • Ensure your financial statements are consistent and in accordance with the legal and accounting standards.

Business plan

​Required by banks or investors. The business plan is a document describing your business and your goals to setup or develop your company.

There are two parts:

  • The first part describes your strategy including a market survey and a customer analysis. 

  • The second part is the financial section which contains all the forecast numbers available in several summary charts (P&L, Balance sheet, Cash Flow, etc) focusing on the key ratios summary of financial performance.

Legal assistance

Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions. Follow-up with your annual secretarial paperwork.​